About Our Program

There are many organizations and private resellers out there who are buying and reselling OTTBs. What sets us apart from the rest? We have a variety of horses available at all times – from fresh off the track to fully let down, just starting retraining, to ready to go out and compete. We take our time with each horse, and let them tell us when they are ready to start the retraining process, and also what discipline they might be best suited for. We also allow the horses to have the time that their bodies need to recuperate from racing, be that one day, one week, or months. Each horse is treated as an individual, with a customized feeding, turnout, and training schedule when applicable. We do our best to listen to the horses, and to our clients as to what they are looking for, and come up with the best match for both parties. The last thing we want is for a horse to end up in the wrong home.

emily-k-alex-xc-300x194About Emily Kocubinski

Emily Kocubinski bought her first OTTB, Smokey Fire, in 1996. She quickly became a working student for Michael Godfrey, who helped her unlock the talented but quirky horse’s potential. Renamed “Alexander,” she trained and competed him successfully at the Advanced level of eventing for several years. Accomplishments included completing 12 Advanced horse trials without XC jump penalties, completing the Rolex Kentucky CCI*** in 1999 (when she was 19 and Alex was 8!), completing the Beaulieu CIC*** in 2000. She was also named to the USET Developing Rider list in 2000 and earned a team silver medal at the North American Young Rider Championships in 1997 under team coach Jimmy Wofford. Emily also attained her H-A rating in Pony Club at the young age of 16 and earned numerous awards at Pony Club Nationals in eventing and show jumping.

After taking some time off to go to school and establish a graphic and web design business, Emily returned to horses in 2010. In 2012, she became a working student for well-known OTTB reseller, Pat Dale, at Three Plain Bays in Maryland to help jump start her career in OTTBs. In 2013, Emily was selected as one of the 26 trainers from around the country to participate in the Retired Racehorse Training Project’s Makeover Challenge. She selected and trained an OTTB, Victory Money, for several months, and successfully presented her at the RRTP symposium at Pimlico Racetrack in October of that year. She is looking forward to returning to the RRP Makeover in 2017 with one or possibly two nice prospects.